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  • Packing List
What Should I Pack?

 Packing List

Please pack all items in duffel bag or backpack. Be sure to label ALL items clearly using name tags, labels, or marker.

Here is a sample packing list to assist you in preparing for your week at Camp Bethel:

□ Sheets, pillow, blanket or sleeping bag. The bunk beds are twin size.

□ Towels (Bath/Beach)

□ Wash cloth, soap in a carrier, shampoo/conditioner

□ Shower caddy

□ Toothpaste, toothbrush

□ Comb/brush

□ Deodorant

Sanitary supplies

□ Shower shoes

□ Extra contacts/contact solution/glasses

□ Sunscreen and bug spray

□ Lots of play clothing (Plan to be outside rain or shine, so you may get muddy)

□ Swimsuits (One-piece suits for females please)

□ Pajamas

□ Socks and Underwear

□ Sweatshirts/Light Jacket (It may get chilly in the evenings)

□ Tennis shoes

□ Shoes for the lake

Casual clothing for evenings, jeans/pants/etc

□ Hat and/or sunglasses

□ Laundry Bag

□ Money for snacks and souvenirs (see camp store information)

□ Pencil/pen, Bible, notebook

□ Small flashlight with batteries

□ Camera (remember, cell phones are not allowed)

□ Water bottle

□ Medication if needed


Girls: Please bring a modest one piece swimsuit and shorts that have about a 5-inch inseam. Remember, you will be involved in many different games and activities. If you are doing the ropes course the harness will draw your shorts up 2-3 inches. Tank tops need to be 3 inches at shoulder seam, NO spaghetti straps, bare midriff, bra straps showing, or low cut tops. Camp staff does have permission to ask you to cover up or change if you do not abide by these requests.


What should NOT be brought to camp?

·        Cell phones, iPods, laptops and any other electronics are not allowed to be used by campers during the week and will be stored in a lock box at the camp office

·        Valuables

·        Food and gum

·        Excessively frayed/torn jeans, fishnet tops, tops with inappropriate tears or holes, and heavy chains

·        Clothing with vulgar remarks and/or pictures, those which promote alcohol or tobacco products, acts of violence, sexual connotations, or secular bands are restricted

·        Weapons or prank item

·        Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia

·        Tobacco Products

·        Alcohol

·        Matches, lighters, or candles

·        Fireworks or explosives

·        Pets


**If you wish to use any media items on your trip, please turn them in to Camp Bethel staff on arrival. Thank you!

***Marked clothing and items left behind can be returned at owner’s expense. You must notify us within 14 days if you wish your items to be returned. Camp Bethel is not responsible for lost or stolen items. ***

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