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Synergy Skate Park

The Synergy Skate Park is FREE to use and is open to the public.

However, we do request you contact our office and sign a release form.

Synergy Skate Park

Skateboarding is the fastest-growing “extreme” sport in the U.S, and the Synergy Skate Park is one of Virginia's finest outdoor skate facilities. Located near the Camp Bethel lake, the Skate Park was designed by some of the top skate boarders in the country.

Skate Park Map

Map of the Synergy Skate Park at Camp Bethel.


The Synergy Skate Park is on a 10,000 square foot concrete pad and Includes:

  • 12' tall Wall-ride with quarter-pipe
  • 6' tall Half-pipe
  • 6' tall Quarter-pipe
  • 5' tall Quarter-pipe
  • 3' tall banked hip
  • Hubba & Hip
  • Multiple Grind Rails

Is the Skate Park Open To The Public?

Yes, the Synergy Skate Park is open to the public, and it is free to use. We ask for you to complete a release form (download form), and be respectful of our camp policies including:

  • No tobacco products
  • No alcohol
  • No disrespectful language or actions

Why do we have a Skate Park?

The synergy skate park is available year round (weather permitting) for both Camp Bethel guests, and for the public. We recognize that there are a lot of skaters within the boundaries of Wise County, however without a place to practice their sport many people don’t even know they exist. The skaters pick up their boards and their families and travel to Kingsport, Abingdon, and as far away as Rogersville to practice their sport.


It’s no wonder that so many of our areas athletes use public property to practice their sport. The goal of a skate park is to get them off of street and public property where they pose risks to themselves and the community – and into a skate park where they can challenge themselves in a safer environment.


We are thrilled that we now have the opportunity to provide a safe, year-round place for youth (and youth want-a-bes) to enjoy this sport.


Photo Copyright by Scott Scheetz

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