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Camp Safety & Security



Safety & Security At Camp Bethel

The safety and security of your child is a top priority and we have implemented a number of measures to provide a safe and secure camping environment for our youth. Although we do not disclose our full safety and security policy, the highlights are below and feel free to contact us if you have any specific question or concern.


Operations Procedures:

  • A Health Care Provider (HCP) is on the campground at any time that summer camp is in session. This may be an EMT, RN, LPN or Paramedic.

  • A health center is supplied with many over the counter medications, medical supplies, etc. typically needed for summer camp, e.g. children’s aspirin, Benadryl, Pepto-Bismol, gauze, Band-Aids,  sunscreen, sunburn creams, insect bite treatment, etc. The HCP is supplied with thermometers, blood pressure equipment, oxygen, both child and adult Epi pens and much more. If the HCP is unable to provide the medical attention that a camper requires, a decision may be made by the HCP to send the camper to a medical facility off-site.  The parent/guardian will be immediately notified if this is necessary.


  • In addition to the health center, first aid kits are provided in all program areas (pool, lake, ropes, nature, etc.) and in each cabin. All camp staff are trained in basic first aid and If necessary they can treat minor cuts and insect bites.


  • All camp staff are CPR and First Aid certified prior to the opening of summer camp.


  • Prior to the beginning of the summer camp season, local EMS, hospitals, fire, police and other emergency personnel are notified by letter of the camping dates.  This alerts them that many youth and adults will be on the campground for the next several weeks in the event they are needed.


  • Upon arrival at camp, each county prepares a “cabin sheet” for each cabin being used and gives it to the camp manager.  This lists all persons assigned to that cabin, to confirm who is on the campground and which cabin they have been assigned to for the session.


  • On the first day, during the first general assembly for all campers, a safety orientation is given, outlining camp rules, responding to emergencies, and camper expectations.  In the first meeting of each class, the instructor will give a safety orientation related to that class area, e.g. avoid poison ivy, wearing life jackets, don’t pick up camp critters without supervision, etc.


What do we do for the camper?

  • Parent/guardian completes a health registration form with a health history, immunization history, health exam information and consent to treat their child in the event of an injury or illness. Everyone on the campground is required to give this form to the HCP. This information is treated confidentially, always under close supervision or under lock and key.

  • A current medication information sheet/schedule is completed on every camper.  The HCP maintains this information in a confidential manner.

  • There is safety in numbers.  Campers are encouraged to always have a buddy with them as they participate in camp activities and navigate the campground.

  • There is a ratio of one volunteer leader per seven campers in each cabin.  One of these leaders is required to be an adult leader. An adult leader is required to be in the cabin with the campers during any cabin time.

  • All volunteers, adult and teen, are selected only after a rigorous application, screening and interview process. 

  • All adult volunteers must pass a background check prior to being accepted as a volunteer. 

  • At the beginning of each class, a roster is checked to ensure that all campers are present. If a camper is missing from the class, the instructor radios the program director or camp manager to locate the camper. 

  • The leaders in each cabin conduct head counts on a regular basis to ensure that all campers are always accounted for, e.g. at the meal line, general assemblies, cabin time.

What do we do for visitors to the campground?

  • All visitors must check in at the camp office as they enter the campground.

  • All visitors must wear a name tag at all times on the campground.  The camp office provides this at check in.

  • When a visitor arrives to pick up a camper, the camp staff will meet with the visitor; confirms they are permitted to pick up the child by reviewing the Camper Pick Up Release Form (listing authorize persons); requires a picture ID from the visitor; and requires the visitor to sign out the child on the form provided at the camp office. 

  • If a child is being returned to camp, the adult bringing him/her back must again check in at the camp office and sign the camper in on the form provided at the camp office.

  • Should any staff see an unauthorized person on the campground, radios/cell phones are used to report this to the camp manager.  The camp manager or camp staff will approach the visitor to determine his/her business on the campground.  If they are not authorized to be on the campground, he/she will be politely asked to leave.

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