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Frequent Questions



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine which camp my child should attend?
Camps are determined by the grade your child has just completed. Therefore, if your child has just completed 5th grade, then they would attend a camp for 5th graders. We encourage all campers to attend the week designed for them. Exceptions are rare and must be approved by the camp staff in advance.

Can exceptions be made to the “grade just completed” rule?
As soon as you receive a registration form! For planning purposes, we like to receive the registration at least a month before the week begins. However, we will accept registrations right up to the day your week of camp begins. Walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first served basis.

When can I register for camp?
You can register for camp and reserve your spot today. Our camp weeks fill up often, so reserve your spot early.

How can I pay for camp?
We accept cash, money orders, checks (local), and all major credit cards. (Please note, we will charge a fee for all returned checks.)

You may pay for camp in installments, however the balance must be paid in full before the first day of camp. If you require financial assistance, please contact the camp office for details about scholarship programs.


What should my child bring to camp?
• Sheets, pillow, blanket or sleeping bag. The bunk beds are twin size.
• Towels, wash cloths, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb/brush and other toiletries.
• Sunscreen and bug spray
• Pencil/pen, Bible, notebook, flashlight, camera

• Swimsuits
• Lots of play clothing

What should not be brought to camp?
• Cell phones and electronics are not allowed to be used by campers during the week, and will be stored in a lock box at the camp office.
• Weapons or prank item

• IPods or other music players
• Computers
• Pets

What if I want to speak with my child?
The best way to communicate with your child is to send an email with the "Send Your Camper an Email" link. These messages are delivered daily at meal time. If you have an emergency, you may call the camp office 24-hours a day.

Are background checks done on staff & faculty?

All faculty and staff receive background checks that are reviewed by the Camp Director.

Can my child bunk with their friend?
Yes! Please include the camper’s name and the name of the week they are attending . Campers are allowed to choose their own bunk within the cabins so it is usually not a problem for friends to be together.

How does Canteen work?
Campers are provided an opportunity to purchase items at the camp store and canteen in the mid-morning and late evening. Most canteen items are $.50 - $1.75 and during a full week of camp, they will have canteen 9 to 10 times.

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